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Solar Energy Company works with reliable solar power companies in South Africa. These companies supply, install, and maintain trustworthy solar systems. Solar power is the future, and you should be a part of it. To work with passionate and experienced companies in South Africa; contact us today!

Solar Energy Company

Struggling to keep up with monthly electricity bills, load-shedding schedules and decreasing property value? Solar Power is your solution. Solar Power will reduce the stress of high monthly bills, eliminate load-shedding struggles, and will increase your property value tremendously. Solar Energy Company lists the most recommended and trustworthy solar companies. To receive quality services and products, contact us today.

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Get in touch with us through any of our four platforms: WhatsApp, Calling, Online Contact Form or E-mail. We want to help you work with the best solar company in your area. Please know that this is free and without obligation.

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After we know that you are interested one of our friendly team members will assist you as soon as possible. It is necessary for an in-depth understanding of exactly what you are looking for, to ensure you received a solar system specifically tailored to your needs.


Experienced companies will contact you to arrange appointments for competitive quotes. Our companies pride themselves on their work and are excited to assist you with finding the most suitable solar system.


Yes, we all want a solar system. Unfortunately, in South Africa with the increase in the quality of solar products, there is a price increase as well. Our solar companies will assist you with affordable systems. If not, there is also a possibility of funding.


Our goal is to ensure that you have the best experience with your new solar system and that you are fully educated about what you will be receiving. We would like to send you competitive quotes from experienced solar companies. To book an obligation-free telephonic consultation, contact us today. Learn More


Solar is more than the panels you see and the batteries you buy. It is about conserving natural reserves and contributing to saving the environment. Solar Energy can save you up to R3 000 on bills, reduce the tons of fossil fuels burned daily, and free you from Load Shedding disasters. Let the earth help you, help the earth. Click here for information on Solar Energy in South Africa. Learn More


Like the weather changes daily, so does Solar energy. We are motivated to help you keep up to date with the latest solar trends and facts. For entertainment or education, watch this space for our latest blogs. Learn More

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Solar Power in South Africa

Solar Energy has a great opportunity in South Africa and can reduce electricity bills and strain on the earth tremendously. You want a solar system. See Solar Energy Companies in your province below.

Environmental Documentaries

Stay updated with the latest films about the environment and how our humans impact it. It is our moral duty to reduce our footprint.

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Solar Power Services

Solar Power is not your average DIY project, it is not a DIY project at all. Qualified and experienced individuals are required to install and sign off on your solar system. Luckily, you are at the right place. Our solar companies do just that. They supply, install, and maintain reliable solar systems. But what about gas and generators? Well, we can still help you.

Not all companies that look great on the internet, are great. We work with reputable people who are passionate about their job. Our mission is to ensure you receive the best solar by the best solar company. Our solar companies will exceed your expectations.


Founder, Solar Energy Company

5 Reasons why you should use our partners for your solar project.

1: All of our partners have contactable reverences and reviews from real-life people.

2: Our partners provide exceptionally professional and affordable services.

3: They are all transparent and honest about services that are provided and what their abilities are.

4: Our partners have the right experience and expertise anyone is looking for.

5: Our partners are proud of their company and keep on investing in it.